2. Installation Procedure

Ok, so you got the files from sourceforge now what? The installation procedure is really simple. We assume you have already installed apache and mod_python (http://httpd.apache.org and http://www.modpython.org ). We personally recommend version 2.0.x of apache and version 3.1.x of mod_python. We know mod_python 3.1 branch is still in development but it really rocks. You can also use apache 1.3.x and mod_python 3.0.x. As of python we *highly* recommend python 2.3 but the minimum is 2.2. To enable the XSLT and ZPT view technologies you will need the following:

The first thing you need is to unpack the tarball, enter the directory and execute:

	[root@localhost]$ python setup.py install

This will build and install PyWork in your python distribution. Then to bind PyWork to mod_python you will need to add this to your apache configuration:

	AddHandler python-program .action
	PythonHandler pywork.pywork
	DirectoryIndex index.action

	#recommended for a production site
	#PythonDebug Off
	#PythonAutoReload Off
	#PythonOptimize On

	#recommended for a development enviroment
	#PythonDebug On
	#PythonAutoReload On

Then there are two ways to bind your site to PyWork:

Once you have chosen the right option for you and a good place for your conf files you will like to go to the next section "Configuration"

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