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PyWork is a full object oriented python web framework. It is based on known concepts yet no ported to python by any other package, at the time of writing. It provides the web application developer with the proper classes and configuration files to build, object oriented web applications in python, through the concept of Pull HMVC (Hierarchical Model View Controller). It's packaged with support for 3 view technologies: PythonView, ZPT Templates, and XSLT.

PyWork was meant to be fully integrated with the Apache HTTP server (, and Mod_Python ( Both projects of the Apache Software Foundation. PyWork is currently supported at sourceforge and is freely available in source or binary form at the project's Web Site,, and can be freely distributed.

This manual serves as a guide for PyWork's api and explain the main concepts in which it is based. It also explain the capabilities of extending the functionality and behaviour of this library to better suite your needs.

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